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Masterclasses Day One - 19 September 2016

Introduction to mining investments

This back-to-basics masterclass on investing in the mining industry provides a comprehensive explanation of how to go about investing in the right mining projects. It is the ultimate guide to mining investments for people who may be baffled by the industry's technical aspects. In just one day, this targeted seminar will provide you with the essential knowledge you need to understand what projects are suitable and what to look for when negotiating transactions.


Why should you attend?

  • Rapidly gain a clear overview of the mining industry, boosting your capacity to make informed decisions

  • Learn key mining terms and their meanings, allowing you to interact confidently with industry figures

  • Fully understand the different options for financing a mining project

  • Comprehend the different stages of production at an operating mine

  • Learn pitfalls of mining investments

  • Understand the processes involved in mineral exploration

Prevailing Valuations of the Gold Sector

This session will provide a peer analysis of over 70 listed international gold miners and developers.  Reflecting an asset-based valuation approach, it will provide various valuation measures covering a broad spectrum, from the large and well known to the regional and niche players.  The focus will be on developing an understanding of the scope and scale of the constituents, comparing them, and ultimately attempting to answer the “why” behind their prevailing valuations.


Why should you attend?

  • Gain understanding of the operations, ore reserves & mineral resources, as applicable, and the respective basic features of each of the researched companies

  • Compare and contrast the valuation multiples on both a by-product, and a co-product basis, outlining the affected issuers and quantifying the impact on each

  • Consider the valuations on a regional basis, exploring how the multiples differ in Africa versus the Americas and the Asias (Australasia & Eurasia)

  • Illustrate factors that could affect valuations, looking separately at selected peers (majors, intermediates and other producers, as well as developers).

  • Demonstrate valuation measures based on cash flow projections resulting from the latest mine schedules (released through technical reports) or mine plan parameters (disclosed through press releases)

  • Explore and understand why peers differ in valuation multiples in terms of the resource conversation ratio as well as the reserve life ratio

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