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Rodrigue Djahlin

Regional Lead for Africa, Sustainable Infrastructure Advisory

International Finance Corporation

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Rodrigue Djahlin is the regional lead for Sustainable Infrastructure Advisory (SIA) in Africa, within IFC’s infrastructure department. He has more than 20 years in local economic development, including 14 in the international Finance Corporation (IFC).

In his current role, Mr. Djahlin leads the SIA team based in Africa, the mobilization and management of resources for the design and implementation of projects aimed to develop the capacity of IFC clients in the private sector to manage social and community risks related to their respective investments and enhance the benefits of extractive sector projects to host communities.

Mr. Djahlin’s responsibilities also include working with local businesses, building their capacity and facilitating their participation in the supply chain of extractive companies and other major infrastructure projects. As part of his work, Mr. Djahlin also works with governments to identify challenges and put in place the building blocks for improving the participation of local entrepreneurs in private sector activities.

Before joining the International Finance Corporation, Mr. Djahlin was project task team leader at the World Bank, working on decentralization and community development and collaborating with local authorities in the implementation of their respective development plans.

Rodrigue Djahlin
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