The Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mines, Mauritania is responsible for the development and implementation of government policy in the country's oil, energy and mining sectors.


In this context, the responsibilities include:


- In respect of Oil:


  • The definition, management and implementation of the national policy on crude hydrocarbons, in compliance with environmental rules;

  • Promotion, exploration and management of prospective areas for crude hydrocarbons;

  • Development and development of crude hydrocarbon resources;

  • The production, import, export, transportation, storage and marketing of crude hydrocarbons.


- In respect of Energy:


  • The definition, management and implementation of the national policy on production, transmission, distribution and energy efficiency.

  • The development and exploitation of new and renewable sources of energy;

  • General policy, development and applicable standards and regulations, monitoring and control of crude oil refining, import, export, refinery recovery, storage, wheeling, transportation , distribution, and marketing of refined hydrocarbons;


- In respect of Mines:


  • The definition and implementation of the mining policy, while respecting the rules of the environment;

  • Drafting of legislative and regulatory texts relating to the monitoring and control of research, extraction and processing of mineral substances;

  • Promotion of prospecting and geological and mining research;

  • Preparing geological maps and updating studies on the mining sector;

  • Development and development of mineral resources.


The Minister represents the State with regional and international institutions specialized in its fields of competence.


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