West Africa Regional Vice-President, KINROSS

Michel Sylvestre, Canadian, was appointed in November 2014 President of TMLSA (Tasiast Mauritania Limited S.A) and Regional Vice President for Kinross Operations in West Africa. Mr. Sylvestre oversees operations and relationships with external stakeholders and partners for the Tasiast gold mine in Mauritania and the Chirano gold mine in Ghana as well as Kinross exploration programs in West Africa . He is also leading the Kinross expansion project for the Tasiast mine which was approved in March 2016.

Mr. Sylvestre has spent most of his career at Vale / Inco. He started there in 1975 and ended his career as Managing Director / CEO for one of the largest nickel mines in the world located in New Caledonia. In this role, he has successfully managed political and community relations issues to advance the multi-billion dollar Goro project. In particular, it negotiated with the local communities a 30-year agreement that guaranteed the company's social license to continue construction of the project and start mining operations. He has also managed an occupational safety management program that meets the highest international standards, with particular emphasis on training and procedures.

Before working in New Caledonia, Mr. Sylvestre was President of Vale / Inco Operations in Manitoba (Canada) and Vice President of Operations for the same company in Indonesia.

Michel Sylvestre is a member of the Order of Professional Engineers of Ontario and the Canadian Institute of Mines. He earned his Master's degree in Mining Engineering Science at McGill University and is fluent in French.


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