Senior Mineral Sector Governance Advisor

United Nations Economic Commission for Africa ( UNECA)

Dr. Kojo Busia is the Coordinator of the African Mineral Development Centre (AMDC) an African Centre of Exellence under the leadership of the African Union and housed in the UN Economic Commission for Africa in Addis Ababa. He also leads the governance and participation team under the African Mining Vision, an African Union mining flagship for structural transformation and sustainable development through the strategic optimal use of natural resources.  Dr. Busia has led the AMDC in the design and development of the Country Mining Vision Guidebook which is now being rolled out in a number of African countries for the domestication of the African Mining Vision in African countries.

He spent nearly a decade leading the United Nation Economic Commission on Africa’s support to the African Peer Review Mechanism for the African Union/NEPAD, helping the flagship program to gain traction and institutional support throughout Africa and globally. In this role he facilitated the adoption of the Peer Review Mechanism as the major framework for addressing natural resource governance challenges in Africa. His career spans a range of additional assignments at the international, multi-lateral and ODA level throughout Africa and globally including design and implementation of a Regional Democracy and Conflict Prevention Program in West Africa. He is a frequent lecturer on business, economics, governance and development at major events in Africa and globally.


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