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Al Wadiyan Group

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Al Wadiyan Group is a group of Mauritanian companies operating in several fields.

Thanks to its diversification strategy, based on innovation and development, the Group now occupies strong positions in each of its activities.

Since its creation in…., The Al Wadiyan Group has been able to win the trust of the largest companies operating in the Mauritanian market, and has built a large global network of partners. Our main concern is to offer the best quality of services to our customers and partners, whether they are Public Administrations, Private Companies, or International Partners. Al Wadiyan meets the basic needs of its customers, through its main areas of activity, which are:

  • Energy & electricity

  • Telecommunications & IT

  • Fiber optics

  • Logistics, civil engineering & works

  • Transport & handling

  • Communication & advertising

  • Trading & representation

  • Services for the mining industry

  • HRM, studies, consulting & public relations

  • Oil & Gas

  • Hydraulics & water treatment

  • Distribution, installation and maintenance of industrial equipment

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