Mining Investment Asia – 27 March 2018


Presentation: Which Prospects for Commodities in a 2018 Changing Macroeconomic Environment?


Erik Sardain

Managing Partner, Global Strategist

Victorem Capital Ltd, Singapore


Keynote: True Grit: An Essential Ingredient for Futuristic Mining!


Kash Sirinanda

Mining Futurist

QVARTZ, Denmark


Mining Spotlight: One of the Largest Development Stage Silver Projects in the World


Ron Tremblay


Levon Resources, Canada


Presentation: Gender Diversity: Challenges and Opportunities 


Tim Duffy

President Director

PT Agincourt Resources, Indonesia


Mining Spotlight: Western Australia – Resource powerhouse of Asia


Jeffrey Haworth

Executive Director, Geoscience and Resource Strategy Division

Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, Government of Western Australia


Presentation: How to Rob A Bank


Peter Pham

Managing Director

Phoenix Capital Group, Vietnam


Presentation: A Mining Company is not an IT Company. Or is it?


Kash Sirinanda

Mining Futurist

QVARTZ, Denmark


Mining Spotlight: Tres Quebradas (3Q) Lithium Project Corporate


Carlos Vicens


Neo Lithium, Canada


Mining Spotlight: Why Coal Continues to Power the World? Why PCI Continues to Save the World? Now on Blockchain?


Dimitry Suschov

Member of the Board of Directors

Eurasia Mining, United Kingdom


Presentation: About PEMA, Back Ground and Mining Licences


Peni Susanti

Executive Director | Council Advisor to Minister

Provincial Energy and Mining Association of Indonesia | Ministry of Environment and Forestry for the Waste, Indonesia


Presentation: Precious Metal Potential of India


Hanuma Prasad


Australian Indian Resources


Presentation: Is the Philippines Back in the Mining Game?


Patricia A. O. Bunye

Senior Partner

Cruz Marcelo & Tenefrancia, Philippines


Mining Spotlight: A Vibrant and Growing Gold Producer in a World Class District


Paul Poli

Managing Director

Matsa Resources, Australia


Presentation: What exploration companies and investors are looking for when entering a new market


Antony Benham

Chief Operations Officer

IGS (International Geoscience Services) Ltd, British Geological Survey



Presentation: Traditional & Technology Trends in the Mining Sector


Nicholas Assef

Founder & Executive Director

LCC Asia Pacific, Australia


Mining Investment Asia – 28 March 2018


Presentation: China's Mining FDI


Andrew Heinrichs

Director – Acquisitions

Strategic Venture Fund, Hong Kong


Presentation: The Potential of Mining Sector in Perak 


Dato' Aminudin Hashim

Chief Executive Officer | Group Managing Director

Menteri Besar Incorporated | Amanjaya Holdings & Ventures, Malaysia


Mining Spotlight - Powering Tomorrow's Generation


Farhad Abasov

President and CEO

Millennial Lithium, Canada


Presentation: High Risk, High Reward Disciplined Investing in the Junior Mining Space


Jayant Bhandari

Mining & Institutional Investor Expert

Anarcho Capital, Canada


Presentation: Green Metals: How do we select projects to invest and utilise blockchain?


Dmitry Suschov

Member of the Board of Directors

Eurasia Mining, United Kingdom


Presentation: Hackers Guide to Finance: How to Avoid Big Brother, Big Government and Big Losses


Peter Pham

Managing Director

Phoenix Capital Group


Presentation: Gold Market Manipulation Update


Chris Powell

Secretary & Treasurer



Presentation: From Gold Standard in Mining to Gold Standard in Business


Ilya Karas


Farafina Gold Group



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